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Peccatore Sanctuary

Official LJ Community

Peccatore Sanctuary Official LJ Community
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All Members , Moderated
This is the official LJ community for the scanlation group, Peccatore Sanctuary. We thought this might be a good way to reach out to our community and fans. I, Serena (P-S Co-Owner), will be running the community with a little help from another of our staffers (hopefully), as the other owners are much to lazy *snickers* We hope to bring you great things through this community, but first I shall lay down some ground rules.

#1 Do not ask for releases or share releases without permission from the mods (meaning me)
#2 No flaming or war starting
#3 If you don't like the subject matter, well you really shouldn't be here, but we don't want to know.
#4 Do feel free to share any suggestions with us, or comments about any of our projects

These rules are subject to change.