Kimi Wa Petto, Sumire

Thank You for Your Hard Work!

Hello! I found P-S long after scans were being regularly released and have joined the community so that I can say THANK YOU! for all the work which has been done. The projects chosen are *wonderful* and I look forward to several of them continuing, be it here or elsewhere. I was excited to find P-S and continue to mine the lj links for treasures.

I would also like to wish all members, present and past, the very best in the future. Life does continue on and make it hard to continue this tedious and financially-thankless endeavor. Thank you again for giving us the scans you have and Congratulations! for what you have achieved elsewhere in life. :)

The recent posts here seem lacking in encouragement or thanks. This makes me sad.
If you love the manga P-S has given you, please leave a comment on this post!
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