December 24th, 2010

  • erleign

title of a manga

ok, i can't find an online pic available so i'll just hope that you guys can still remember it... Its the "Anger" of the "Seven Deadly Sins" that Peccatore used for credits/advertisement page, i couldn't find a manga it was included in and luckily found one in my DJ folder of Prince of Tennis DJ-Pure White Day.

PS: if you guys also still remember the remaining 6 Deadly Sins, please also include the title of those, like "Pride" is available in PoT DJ-Blood Orange, i found "Sloth" in Riyu Yamakami's Saikou No Kimi (Lover's Name main story), and i couldn't find the others. So minna-san, please if you knew the title, please tell me most especially the "Anger" one... Thankies!! and Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!!
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