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Komatta Toki ni wa Hoshi ni Kike!

Dear Komatta's translator,
Since I read the manga, this is my favorite Shounen ai's manga. I would like to share this funny story to people in my country and let them enjoy it too.
So I would like to ask your permission to use your Komatta's translation for translate from English to Thai,please.
Thank you so much

Re-up Links?

I was trying to get a oneshot from Romatist Egoist called Egoistic romance, but the links are no longer active.  This manga is not licensed either.  So, I was wondering if the links could be re-uploaded so that I could get the story.  Or if anyone has the oneshot and would be willing to post it or pm me with a link, that would be great.  Thank you very much.

Can someone place this??? Edit: Found

came across this insert in 'Electric Hands' http://www.mangafox.com/manga/electric_hands/v01/c005/6.html and was hoping someone might know what it's from (hopefully there are still active users in this community :)

Thanks in advance one way or the other ;-)

EDIT: Found!! Thanks to everyone who commented <3




Can you help me and say where is this picture from  www.mangafox.com/manga/koiha_ina_mono_mouna_mono/v01/c003/34.html ?

title of a manga

ok, i can't find an online pic available so i'll just hope that you guys can still remember it... Its the "Anger" of the "Seven Deadly Sins" that Peccatore used for credits/advertisement page, i couldn't find a manga it was included in and luckily found one in my DJ folder of Prince of Tennis DJ-Pure White Day.

PS: if you guys also still remember the remaining 6 Deadly Sins, please also include the title of those, like "Pride" is available in PoT DJ-Blood Orange, i found "Sloth" in Riyu Yamakami's Saikou No Kimi (Lover's Name main story), and i couldn't find the others. So minna-san, please if you knew the title, please tell me most especially the "Anger" one... Thankies!! and Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!!

Help! What's the name of this manga?

Hi there. Can anyone tell me what's the name of this manga?
I read this before but i forgot the title of the manga...
And I feel like re-read it again >.<


Can anyone tell me whereis this picture from?


I doubt this site is alive and running but to any of the once where maintainers I do believe your yahoo group was hacked by some maleporn site......since they keep sending me  porn msgs...just an fyi for annyone whom ever looks at this



Was curious about where the top most image from here:
www.mangafox.com/manga/kimi_wa_boku_wo_suki_ni_naru/v03/c002/2.html came from.

Thanks in advance

Do you know this pic?

Was reading one of your scanlations and came across this NICE pic -> http://www.mangafox.com/manga/aruji_no_oose_no_mama_ni/v01/c008/14.html

Does anyone know where this is from? The art's really nice, I'd like to know about the illustrator and manga (hopefully there is one!) Thanks lots! :) Thanks P-S for your scanlations!